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Option items Qty left Unit Price Qty Amount
Diamond Sponsor *** $20000.00
Titanium Sponsor *** $12000.00
Aluminium Sponsor *** $6000.00
Steel Sponsor *** $3500.00
International Sponsor *** $15000.00
Other Sponsor *** $3500.00
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GST 15%
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· By purchasing a booth, you receive two exhibitor passes that will allow entry into the Expo Venue on Friday 27th July for Booth Set up. Tickets for the conference and the Gala dinner are additional.

· A month before the event, we will issue a participant's handbook, which will have further information and clarification for the event.

· Subletting or Booth Sharing: You must contact us in advance if you wish to divide or share booth space. Restrictions apply to the number of exhibitors sharing a booth. Subletting booth space is not permitted.

· The individual who signs this contract agrees to act as the co-ordinator for booth arrangements and has full responsibility for communicating to the other parties all show information. This includes show Terms and Conditions, exhibitor marketing details, and all event information including venue access, booth set up etc.

· Payment: Exhibitors will not be permitted to attend the expo unless they have paid in full prior to the Expo commencing. We understand that this is a binding contract upon acceptance by NZCBIA 2018 ANNUAL CONFERENCE & NZ INTERNATIONAL PROPERTY & BUILDING EXPO and is subject to all the terms, conditions, rules, and regulations that hereto constitute a part of, or are included in this contract. The organization reserves the right to reject any exhibit application for any reason.