Organiser: 3A EVENTS

The Expo attracts quality visitors with well designed booths and workshops that allow exhibitors to engage with their target audience.


Property Developers/Real Estate Agents
Consulting Services
Building Suppliers
Construction Companies
Other Industry Companies



The Expo features diverse content to attract visitors. This is a great opportunity for those in the building and property community to promote their latest projects, developments, trends, products & services to the Chinese community in New Zealand.

It is also a platform for members of the public to visit to source new products and services to improve their own homes, as well as finding new opportunities for investments.

The Expo is free to visitors with workshops and prize draws throughout the day requiring visitors to register for accurate auditing to ensure exhibitors get a return on their investment.

Exhibitor Workshops Provide a way to create an interactive educational experience in a short amount of time. Up to 10 workshops are available onsite for exhibitors to book, each session is 1 hour in a dedicated room. (Suggest first 15 minutes for set up; next 30 minutes for presentation and final 15 minutes for Q & A)

Standard Booth: booth will be constructed by 3A with walls, one light, one power socket, a company sign, one table and two chairs. Banners may be suspended above the stand space, but please note that designs must be signed off by the Expo Manager and truss / rigging costs will apply.

Raw Space option is offered where a tailored design and build is preferred. The cost of the design and build of the stand is at own expense with stand height limited to 3 metres. Banners may be suspended above the stand space but designs must be signed off by the Expo Manager and truss/rigging costs will apply. No tables, chair, power or light provided.

Above price do not include 15% GST. Exhibitor Workshop Set Package: 120~150 available seats, 2 microphones, 1 Projector and screen, listing in official website news & on site banner.