The New Zealand Chinese Building Industry Association (NZCBIA was founded in 2015 by a core group of highly qualified engineers and architects with the aim of upporting the many ethnic Kiwi Chinese operating in the thriving New Zealand building sector. NZCBIA is committed to maintaining and raising the industry tandards whilst enhancing the reputation of its members. The annual conference and Expo, now in its third year with a solid following, has become an ideal platform for the New Zealand construction industry to encourage collaboration among building industry businesses and professionals sharing information and resources.

It is estimated 30% of the properties being built in Auckland have an ethnic Chinese builder, investor or some other link to the Chinese community; which prompted the development of their own professional body to promote good practice and work as a bridge between government and the industry. The NZCBIA represents both large and small developers, from small business to Changda's $700 million Pacific Garden development in Manukau City  

NZCBIA has 5 categories of members that actively contribute to the sector

Developers – members currently have over $2.5 billion value of investment on the books
Consultants – members design or manage over $2.5 billion of projects annually
Contractors – members carry out over $500 million of construction work annually
Suppliers – members selling over $100 million of building materials annually
Others – including businesses related has become influential to property development and construction, ie. Financial companies, marketing companies etc.

Beyond its own members, NZCBIA also has strong connections and influential with the New Zealand Chinese property & building community. The established network can be quite useful considering the number of new projects the Government is trying to kick-start in the residential sector, the accommodation market as well as major infrastructure projects. The media frequently spotlights Auckland’s housing shortage which shows no sign of abating and it is having knock-on effects in the regions.

With the huge demand for construction, it is practical to engage with the Kiwi Chinese sector of the market. The organisations that make up NZCBIA have a unique set of skills as well as networks of investors and suppliers that are not always accessible to Kiwis, particularly when there are language barriers.

This is why NZCBIA organises an annual event where industry professionals can gather to support, educate and network within the organisation and share resources. This year will see the NZCBIA Conference hosting its Summit 2018 together with a conference and series of professional seminars to help individuals develop and expand their knowledge base concluding with a Gala Dinner to socialise and network.

NZCBIA Contact Details:
Phone:+0064-9 215 8618
Address: 153 Captain Springs Road,Onehunga, Auckland 1061,New Zealand